In love with the natural beauties that roam this earth?

Our world is full of diverse and wonderful creatures – from the big ears of a hare bounding through a field, to the mesmerising height of the giraffe, our wildlife fills us with joy and awe. Are you concerned for their future? We must ensure that our planet remains healthy enough to sustain both ourselves and wildlife. We must consider the impact that we make on nature by the way we chose to consume and live.

Our recent loss in iconic wildlife is startling

WWF’s 2016 Living Planet Report, shows that over 81% of freshwater species declined between 1970 and 2012, while 36% of marine species including the Vaquita porpoise and whale shark and 38% of terrestrial species such as the White Rhino and African elephant also declined in just 32 years. Three quarters of the world’s coral reefs are already threatened.

WWF Infographic

Source: Living Planet Report, 2016 – WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

Habitat loss and degradation is the greatest threat to our wildlife. Our use of land for food, energy production and commercial development has grown dramatically that our environment is struggling to cope, causing detrimental damage to both people and wildlife.

Understanding our relationship and dependence with nature for personal and economic development is critical to changing our attitudes on the way we treat our home. We depend on nature for everything. For the quality of the air we breathe, water we drink, food and materials we use and even for our happiness and wellbeing.

Together, by making ethical and sustainable choices and advocating for change, we can restore a better balance and future for our planet. Let’s help our oceans, grassland, forests and fresh water habitats thrive with beauty and diversity.

Become a wildlife ambassador 

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European Hedgehog - © Tero Laakso
Loggerhead - © Damien Du Toit
Mountain Gorilla - © Rod Warrington
Polar Bear - © Nomis Simon
Porpoise - © Bernard Spragg
White Rhino - © Fyre Mael