Eco Silversmith

Eco Silversmith

Pioneering recycled, ethical and beautiful jewellery

Kay Reed is an eco-Silversmith, using her passion and vision for a sustainable and healthy planet to recycle silver, gems and diamonds into unique and delicate designs.

Each piece is hand finished using traditional methods, creating beautiful animals and habitats to help raise awareness of endangered species.

You can be confident that with any purchase, the environment and wildlife has been purposely considered. Both ethical and environmentally friendly, Kay Reed’s reclaimed and recycled jewellery has a significantly lower environmental and social impact than newly mined metals, but still retains high quality and beauty. All packing has also been carefully selected from sustainable resources and responsible companies.

Holding an educational message, each item aims to encourage consumers to think about the importance of wildlife conservation and sustainability, while 10% of profits are donated to The World Land Trust, Bite Back and Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust – benefiting the hard work of three very dedicated wildlife charities. 

Wear a piece of Kay Reed jewellery conscious free and act as an ambassador for wildlife conservation and sustainability.

Use your jewellery to spark conversation and excitement on sustainable and eco-friendly consumerism, and of course, why you love wildlife!

                                                                                                                                                                                    Kay Reed  BA(Hons)PJGemDipBTecDip.       

                                                                                                                                        Alumni Associate member of THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF GOLDSMITHS

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